The Cambridge Education Group aims to help fill in holes left by the traditional schooling system. In particular, The Cambridge Education Group focuses on students at the two ends of the bell curve - both students excelling and struggling within the traditional education system. By providing a personally tailored education for these students, The Cambridge Education Group helps advanced students hit their stride and explore their potentials, and helps struggling students catch their breath and find their own pace.

The CEG Promise

Working with CEG means working with a team of educators who care deeply about your learning. Whether through our private tutorials, our more traditional courses, or even our career and education planning services, CEG professionals are committed towards truly helping the student learn, with no compromise between hitting more quantitative goals (e.g. test scores) and attaining true skills and subject matter expertise.

Our Services

CEG is currently split between 3 different service branches, with a large amount of overlap between the three: Prestige STEM Academy, Prestige Prep, and Cambridge Education Consultation Group.

Our first branch, Prestige STEM Academy (PSA), is our private school department and our primary service. Through PSA, the Cambridge Education Group provides a world class private school K-12 education that focuses on each individual student's academic and extracurricular needs.

Our second branch, Prestige Prep (aka Cambridge EI), is our non-credit curriculum courses. This branch primarily provides non-credit courses corresponding to the PSA classes. In particular, Prestige Prep aims to help students currently enrolled in more traditional education systems who need more individualized lessons.

Our third branch, Cambridge Education Consultation Group (CECG), is our academic and career planning service. This branch primarily provides academic and career counseling to students. We provide these services from mentorship and academic counseling to 8th through 12th grade students, and then career counseling to student going through college, professional school, and even corporate/career recruiting.