Summer Laboratory Skills for Biology (High School)

Summer Laboratory Skills for Biology (High School)

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Appropriate Biology Labs for At Home Students (brainstorming list)

High School Biology

  • Banana DNA extraction
  • Cabbage juice pH indicators
  • Whole egg osmosis
  • Potato and Iodine Diffusion
  • Organic macromolecule identification using indicators (iodine and brown           paper)
  • Celery Transpiration 
  • Environmental variables and seed germination
  • Asexual plant propogation
  • The biochemistry of bread - cellular respiration

  • AP Biology

  • Animal behavior using pill bugs (or fruit flies)
  • Hardy Wienberg modeling 
  • Potato or baby carrot osmosis (requires digital scale)
  • Biochemistry of fermentation - making yogurt
  • Floating Disc Assay (requires a syringe with no needle)
  • Extract your own DNA using Gatorade
  • Paper Electrophoresis ( together with paper chromatography of leaf pigments)
  • Probability and genetics using cards, dice, and coins
  • Classes will be held from 6/5/2021 through 7/30/2021 (8 Total Classes).

    Morning Classes will be on Saturday & Sunday from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM-12:00 PM PST.